Android Market Doubles in Size


Android (s goog) has become popular with app developers, and with the Android Market now supporting paid apps in a dozen new countries, it may become the platform of choice. Until now, Google has restricted the countries in which apps could be sold, and developers wanting to offer localized versions of programs for other countries were out of luck. Worse, Android phone owners living outside the supported countries couldn’t even see non-free apps in the Market, much less purchase them, a big impact on potential developer earnings.

Word came from Google only a few days ago that more countries would see paid app support, and already, apps are appearing for purchase in some of them. The 12 new countries added to the Market will at least double the global reach of paid apps on the platform, and customers in these countries are already seeing apps in the Market that were previously unavailable. This expanded customer base could be a windfall for developers with apps already in the Market, and should attract other developers to the platform. The lack of paid apps in many countries may be why free apps have ruled supreme on the Android platform to this point; perhaps that will begin to change.

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just put out decent apps worth what you are charging. then you’ll do fine.


Android needs to remove the 1 day return policy. Till that happens I am not developing another android app.


First iphone, now Android. As a mobile developer, it is difficult to keep up with this proliferation of different mobile OS.

I bet Mobile web to beat Native Mobile App. When HTML5 become more readily available, it will make it easy to develop one single platform for all.

Thanks for sharing your thought.


I have found most paid apps worth the money. Actually like paying the developer and avoid ads. I must admit that so far the ads have not been too obtrusive.

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