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Video: Twitter’s Dick Costolo On New Twitter, Cracking The Ad Code And More

I spent a little time on a trip to Beverly Hills interviewing a stand-up comic, a human Magic 8 Ball and a guy with one of the hottest — and hardest — jobs around. All in one person. That would be Dick Costolo, COO of Twitter, who sat down with me after his keynote session at TheGrill with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner to talk about “new” Twitter, cracking the ad code, the economics of the Twitter ecosystem and the role of Adam Bain, who just joined as president of global revenue.

Costolo was a stand-up comic in Chicago before he went on the Silicon Valley-LA-Silicon Alley circuit. The Magic 8 Ball part? It’s something in the way he answers some questions: turn the ball a certain way and the answer to a question about the present or future might be: “We lead with the user experience.” Turn it another way: “The platform evolves organically.” He’s sincere, which comes across in the video below, explaining, “We don’t really have the five-year plan of where this needs to go. What we have is (Ev Williams) thinking about the ways people use the platform and where we need to go.”

Oh, and about that feature request you have in? He has an answer for that, too.

Video is embedded below; audio is available via MP3 here.