SpeakerText Gets Social, Now Open to Everyone

SpeakerText has launched to the general public, making its crowd-sourced video transcription service available to everyone. The company has also redesigned its product to make it easier for users to share parts of their video transcripts with friends on social networks.

SpeakerText providers a service to transcribe videos and link those transcripts to the customer’s video player through a drop-down menu. Once a video has been indexed, SpeakerText hosts the transcript in the cloud and automatically attaches a time-coded link of the transcript to the video, so that users can click on a section of the transcript and be taken to that portion of the video. Transcripts also help improve SEO of the page and video by adding relevant metadata into the video player.

Now, with a redesign of the transcript menu, SpeakerText CEO Matt Mireles said in a phone interview that the service will allow users to easily link to portions of the transcript and video and share them on Twitter and Facebook. “Before it was all about reading the transcript, and if you wanted to tweet out a video quote, there was a kludgey way to do it,” Mireles said. “We wanted to make it easier to share quotes and specific moments inside the video.”

In addition to the new social features, SpeakerText has been working on added supported video players from online video platforms and video sites. The company now supports videos served in the Ooyala player, and Mireles says support for Vimeo is “coming soon.” SpeakerText also supports self-hosted videos like those served up in the free JW Player.

All of this development has happened around the same time the team behind SpeakerText moved across the country, shifting its home base from New York to resettle in Mountain View, Calif. The decision, according to Mireles, was made to be closer to the Valley startup culture and investors on the West Coast.

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