Katy Perry’s Rejected Sesame Street Appearance Now On YouTube

katy perry

Okay, confession time — I’ve never cared for pop star Katy Perry. I know this is just proof that I am out of touch with the kids and their “scene,” but whatever, I Kissed A Girl was a stupid song and I haven’t cared for any of her music since. The only positive thing to say about Katy Perry is that her songs are rarely catchy enough to get stuck in your head. (Unlike my archnemesis, Miley “Party in the USA” Cyrus.)

That said, I do feel kinda bad for Katy Perry today, as her appearance on an upcoming Sesame Street episode was cut by the show, allegedly because of the level of cleavage on display.

I say this because like any well-brought-up American, I have very fond memories of watching Sesame Street as a kid, and if I were a famous person and I had the opportunity to be on the show, you’re darn right I’d take it. And if I were subsequently rejected by PBS and the Children’s Television Workshop? You’re darn right I’d be miserable.

Perry has posted the cut scene on her YouTube channel, where it’s received almost a million views in just the past day. You know what? Perhaps we’re all better off that our children aren’t watching this. Not because of the cleavage, not because it’s a little weird that Katy Perry is practically assaulting Elmo in a desperate bid to have him to “play dress-up” with her. No, what matters is this: This song sounds dangerously catchy to me.


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