Katy Perry’s Rejected Sesame Street Appearance Now On YouTube


Okay, confession time — I’ve never cared for pop star Katy Perry. I know this is just proof that I am out of touch with the kids and their “scene,” but whatever, I Kissed A Girl was a stupid song and I haven’t cared for any of her music since. The only positive thing to say about Katy Perry is that her songs are rarely catchy enough to get stuck in your head. (Unlike my archnemesis, Miley “Party in the USA” Cyrus.)

That said, I do feel kinda bad for Katy Perry today, as her appearance on an upcoming Sesame Street episode was cut by the show, allegedly because of the level of cleavage on display.

I say this because like any well-brought-up American, I have very fond memories of watching Sesame Street as a kid, and if I were a famous person and I had the opportunity to be on the show, you’re darn right I’d take it. And if I were subsequently rejected by PBS and the Children’s Television Workshop? You’re darn right I’d be miserable.

Perry has posted the cut scene on her YouTube (s GOOG) channel, where it’s received almost a million views in just the past day. You know what? Perhaps we’re all better off that our children aren’t watching this. Not because of the cleavage, not because it’s a little weird that Katy Perry is practically assaulting Elmo in a desperate bid to have him to “play dress-up” with her. No, what matters is this: This song sounds dangerously catchy to me.

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The kids who generally watch Sesame Street are kids who are still being nursed by breast, have just finished, or young enough to know thats what breasts are for. They are natural parts of the body that produce food for the children you love. Your children are looking at Elmo, and the bright colours, dancing to the beat of music, and enjoying the idea of dress-up. You adults are looking at her chest therefor it is your problem and you are teaching your kids it’s wrong. It really shows little cleavage as she has smaller than average breasts. Do you all see what is being worn outside? Do you take your children to the beach or public pool? Hummmm…. Give your head a shake you bunch of stuck up prudes!

g doodle

Are you guys stupid or blind? She’s wearing a skating outfit and is covered to the neck!


Come on you guys. It is inappropriate for kids to watch-not horrible but not right either. We all can tell her music is well….catchy at best and although I find myself listening to it on the radio, it is young kids that REALLY REALLY like it, and yes they do copy what they see on t.v. Her California Girls video was played in between commercials of Full House on Teen Nick!!!! Are you kidding me!!! I thought I was going to die. My kids love Full House on Teen Nick at 7:00-8:00 A.M. Was in kitchen and thought the kids were being “too Quiet”-checked on them and could not believe what I saw….My kids were frozen watching the video of her naked on a candy cloud, dancing with cherry topped cupcakes and cream shooting from her boobs….come on!!! Not saying it is her fault but what is Teen Nick thinking!!!! She is wasting her talent on cheesy songs with such an amazing voice. I am not prude but had to stop letting my kids listen and watch her music and videos sonce my almost 5 year old was holding cupcakes to her chest and asked for cherries….not looking to raise a slut-thank you. Seasame Street is for kids and her Videos are for more adult channels.

Tommy Galloway

First of all, to discount Katy’s music but praise Miley’s is to loose all music credibility in one fell swoop. Both sing disposable pop (and neither write their own songs). It’s like talking down scrambled eggs as unhealthy while eating an egg overeasy. It’s still an egg.

As to Sesame St., I could care less if there’s cleavage on the show. Should I avoid the beach too?

I have two little ones. Violence on TV concerns me. Teasing and cruelty concern me. Hate and bigotry concern me. Boobs? Not in the least.

Liz Shannon Miller

Oh, I can see where you might be confused Tommy, but trust me, I hold Katy and Miley in exactly the same regard on a creative level. The only difference between them is that to me, some of Miley’s music — specifically “Party in the USA” — is much more prone to getting stuck in my head.

Scott Jensen

Some of the posters here need to grow up. That and read up on child psychology. The little kiddies that watch Sesame Street are nowhere close to puberty. They do not view the world in a sexual way. The only ones fixating on her breasts are the adults. Not the kids.

And by the time this uproar gets over, that YouTube video will have far greater ratings then Sesame Street and this will have done more for her popularity than if it had appeared on Sesame Street. And, no, it doesn’t matter what you freaking-out parents think since you’d never buy her songs anyway.

I thought it was cute. She wore stuff like what little girls do when they play dress-up.


Katy Perry is in essence a professional cocktease. That’s her job as much as it is being a singer.

People like that don’t need to be on Sesame Street. I know what society considers taboo shrinks with each passing year but can we at least draw the line with educational kids programming?


You’re all annoying. That’s not even a horrible outfit. Theres commercials on these channels that you should be more worried about. I think its a great outfit to be wearing if you ask me.

Please send hate mail. :]




What’s all the fuss? This is the 21st century – why not use a little computer magic and make Katy’s veil longer to cover her assets? I personally think it’s ok the way it is.



Viral video in 3…2…1.

By the way…kids watching sesame street are not looking at the cleavage. They want to find out where they can get that hat.


I am a mother of seven year old twins, and also the owner of a healthy chest. I would never show them off in this manner! Just think if this were a man waering speedos, it would be considered a jail worthy crime. I think she could have used more tact. I don’t understand why Seasame Street even let her appear in something like that. Bad move on both ends! My kids love her song “California Girls”, but I would not let them watch this episode of Seasame Street.

Classy Lady

nICE role modeL!!!! NOTTTT
what a whorrrrre showing little kids all over the world your chest! Public figures should realize that kids as well as young woman are going to be looking up to them. And they’ve disgraced hollywood as well as singers!

just cuz you have boobs does not mean you need to show them to the world and look like a slutbag!

Sesame Street has lost all respect. they can never redeem themselves! they are a desgrace to America. katy perry is a disgrace to white woman and America. So is lady gaga! they will never redeem themsleves either! they dont even deserve to have their names capitalized!

A secure adult with small child

why are adults making such a big deal of Katy’s bustline? Have any of you seen the commercials run on tv now days. Sex or a refrence to is in most commercials. Katy Perry singing for 1-9 year old kids who know of boobs only as something they don’t have,and some if they were/are lucky know them as sustenence. If you make the female form taboo it will be. My oppinion is jealousy is the major factor here. Breast is best. I wish all small childen could have a better relationship with breasts. Grow up adults please. for your kids if you’re not mature, then how can you raise children to be. By the way ladies do not talk like that. At least not in public. So please show some class. I feel saddness for your children.


I find it ridiculous that these parents would react so negatively to a physical feature. Its just boobs!

Ridiculous, I say.


This is extremely annoying anyways… So maybe that’s really why they cut it.

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