Japan’s DeNA Makes Second U.S. Investment Over The Past Week

Japanese-based social gaming company DeNA is on roll, having invested in four U.S.-based company and two in the past week alone. Today, it said it has invested an undisclosed sum in the Edison, N.J.-based game studio, Astro Ape. Tomoko Namba, DeNA’s CEO, says they aren’t letting up off the gas yet, “We’re just getting started.”

Astro Ape’s investment was preceded by an investment in Aurora Feint and outright acquisitions of IceBreaker and Gameview Studios.

As with the other investments, Astro Ape creates titles for mobile devices, including the iPhone. Astro Ape is known for its game “Office Heroes,” which recreates a corporate world, where one must try to climb the ladder “without having to do any boring work.” The company is led by President Chieh Huang, and founded in March 2009. As part of the investment, Astro Ape will develop titles for DeNA’s mobile social game platform.

The company is ramping up as part of its U.S. turf war with Zynga, another social gaming powerhouse. Astro Ape is part of its so-called