Licorize Makes Bookmarks More Useful

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Are you the type of person who collects bookmarks from all over? Ever wish you could do something more useful with all those bookmarks? Licorize can add context to bookmarks, to turn them into projects, ideas, notes and more that you can share with your team members.

If you’ve used other bookmarking services such as Delicious, then Licorize will feel familiar. Pages can be bookmarked using a bookmarklet, a Chrome (s goog) or Firefox extension or via the website. With each item you add (Licorize calls them “strips”), you set what type of bookmark it is (idea, to-do, goal, reminder, regular bookmark, etc.), and optionally add tags, assign it to a team member and associate it with a project. Depending on what type of bookmark you set the strip as, you also get some additional fields to fill out. For example, to-do strips have a “done” checkbox, while milestone strips have a due date.

For power bookmarkers, Licorize is well worth checking out. It’s currently in beta and is free. When the product leaves beta, a premium version with full functionality is planned that will cost $5 per month or $49 per year; a free version will still be available but it won’t include the project functionality or the ability to add team members.

Let us know what you think of Licorize in the comments.

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1 Comment

Pietro Polsinelli

Thanks for the review. An addition coming soon (next week) is exposing on a public, simple URL a specific set of bookmarks and ideas etc. on a theme in the format of an online magazine.

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