Video: How To Customize Your Android Phone


A big draw to Android (s goog) is the ability to customize virtually everything on the phone to make it work the way you want. This customization reaches deep into the interface, made possible by widgets and utilities that are readily available in the Android Market. This video shows five of these widgets that turn the HTC EVO 4G into my own unique phone.

The five widgets demonstrated in the video convert the Android phone into one that works that way I want, while looking the way I like. These are the widgets you see in the video, in the order of appearance:

All of these widgets/ utilities are either free or very low-cost, making it cheap and easy to make your Android phone like no one else’s.

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Great applications, the only thing missing it is automatic shut off and on, like the blackberry it turn on at 6am and turn off at 11pm…


Is there anyway to remove the “WidgetLocker” icon from the window shade?

Sgt Ret

Your videos save me a lot of hunt and choose time. Seeing the apps in live action is wonderful. However, is there a way you can anchor the phone while you are shooting the video? Having it move around in your hand as you film distracts from the content. Not a huge thing, but it could add to the viewing quality.


I have a quick question: Using Launcher Pro means disabling HTC Sense, right? If I do that, does it mean I can’t use the other Sense widgets? like email, etc


James Kendrick

LauncherPro does replace Sense, although it’s still in the background. I am not sure if the Sense widgets go away completely, or if they can still be used. LP provides its own equivalent widgets so I haven’t missed the Sense versions, to tell the truth.


Thanks a lot James. I can’t go without the Sense email widget for Exchange (or an equivalent), so I’ll give it s shot if I can still get support for it with Launcher Pro.


James thanks for the video. I was wondering if you have had any problems with launcher pro slowing down your EVO at all. I used to have launcher pro installed, but had to uninstall when I started having issues.


James Kendrick

LauncherPro can occasionally slow things down. When that happens I open up its preferences and select restart. Takes a few seconds and returns things to a snappy level.


thanks for the info. I have Launcher Pro, but have been using ADW lately. I will give LP another shot, now that I have this tip from you.


Found the hide weather icon. Not sure why my brain did not find it previously. Keep the good columns coming!!


Great video of “how to”. I have mine configured similarly but cannot determine how to disable the “weather icon” that you mention that seems to be a part of the clock skin. Therefore I have an “obstructed” weather skin. Could you state how to disable the “weather icon”?

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