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Ex-WaPo Exec Editor: Aggregators Like HuffPo Are Just ‘Parasites’

By James Robinson: Leonard Downie Jr, the former executive editor of the Washington Post (NYSE: WPO), has attacked online news aggregators including the Huffington Post as “parasites living off journalism produced by others”.

Delivering the James Cameron Memorial Lecture at London’s City University last night (transcript), Downie criticised online aggregators for filling their websites “with news, opinion, features, photographs and video that they continuously collect

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One Response to “Ex-WaPo Exec Editor: Aggregators Like HuffPo Are Just ‘Parasites’”

  1. adamfreedify

    Downie is right, of course, but that does not his problem. I’m a huge newspaper fan. I used to only read the Washington Post and occasionally the Wall Street Journal, but with the Internet, I read a dozen publications a day. Shame on the newspapers for being unable to capitalize on this new audience. The new aggregator sites like the Huffington Post and my favorite, thedailybeast are another fantastic step towards perfect information. These aggregators also staff some great opinion writers which attract a big chunk of the non-extra news (thats how I found them.) Change or Die Downie.