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Twitter to Launch Free Real-time Analytics This Year

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Twitter plans to roll out a free real-time analytics dashboard in the fourth quarter, said Ross Hoffman of the company’s business development team at a conference yesterday. Hoffman said Twitter would start a phased rollout of the dashboard to show users information about how their tweets are spreading and who is influential in their network. WebTrends caught the remark in a session at the Sports Marketing 2.0 Summit and cornered Hoffman for further deets.

If true, this has two larger implications:

  1. Twitter will not be charging for analytics, something execs have alluded to as a potential business model in the past.
  2. The impact may not only be the loss of a would-be Twitter business model, but also one for the startups currently offering analytics today.
Radian6 dashboard

Hoffman reportedly said Twitter would incorporate the technology it’s using to measure tweet “Resonance” for search results and other features. The dashboard is being built by the Smallthought Systems team that Twitter acquired in June, which had made Dabble DB and the analytics dashboard Trendly.

When asked to comment, Twitter spokesperson Carolyn Penner said in an email, “We’ve been talking about providing analytics since last December, but have nothing to add at this time.”

Penner was probably referring to remarks Twitter COO Dick Costolo made at a conference about offering commercial accounts that contain premium features like analytics dashboards and multiple authors. Costolo’s comments were meant to give shape to the then-mythical idea of Twitter business models, so the implication at the time seemed to be that this would be a paid service.

Since December, Twitter has matured significantly. The company and its developer ecosystem have, by necessity, come to a more honest and sometimes contentious relationship, with Twitter buying and launching products such as mobile clients that compete with third-party developers.

As for analytics, the Twitter app directory Oneforty lists 151 applications in that category. You can’t go very far on the web these days without running into a platform that helps marketers manage and analyze their Twitter presences — some include Scout Labs, Radian6, Klout, Twitalyzer and PostRank.

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11 Responses to “Twitter to Launch Free Real-time Analytics This Year”

  1. Twitter will soon have a NY office also. Hopefully they keep their site down to the basic coding. No Pop up ads, java script, etc. If they over load their site they may lose members. After all isn’t it about making a 140 character TWEET…keep it simple.

  2. It’s only a natural follow-up to Twitter’s release of their built-in URL shortener. I have no doubt they’re beta testing the daylights out of the analytics using the new URL shortener in order to refine the offering before it goes public. The only other real hits will come to HootSuite and

  3. One thing I like about this idea is that I think Twitter is it’s own species anyway when it comes to Social Media data analysis. So while many intelligence technologies might initially suffer from the ability to supply their currently offered Twitter intelligence, the good news is that maybe Twitter can GET IT RIGHT! Intelligence solutions will re-invent their Twitter offering to take it from Twitter’s new output standpoint and there will still be much to offer. Trying to analyze Twitter stats in similar methodologies as other social networking stats simply is not simple! Twitter is its own species when it comes to social analytics and its communication framework varies wildly from other forms of online communication. While I hate to see many opportunites lost for the numerous technologies out there supporting Twitter statistics; I would really like to see us separating Twitter analysis into it’s own realm and moving away from the attempt to analyze results similarly to other Social interaction results. They are very different in nature and therefore, the determination of outcomes can not fully compare. Let’s hope Twitter comes up with a universal output that we can all comprehend and I am sure there will still be PLENTY of additional Twitter opportunity for technologies to capitalize on. I would also imagine that this is another foot in the door approach to future income opportunities for Twitter.

  4. Picture yourself sitting at a board meeting at Twitter HQ, brainstorming ideas on how to increase average stay on site and nip at the growing third-party market for analytics, packaged in a way that benefits brands who might be inspired to contribute to advertising revenue in the long run?

    Bingo. Create your own dashboard with real-time stats that increase the value of your core product at Twitter – engagement. In fact, give it away up front and maybe create a Pro level down the road that locks in big-name dollars. It’s like a shot of marketing adrenalin that sustains “the body Twitter.”

  5. It’s a good news, esp together with FB’s closing their beta analytics program. I agree taht it signifies maturity of Twitter and its orientation to be involved in all spheres of life. Hope they’ll work even more with businesses – keep up like this!