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Geodelic Finds Both A Partner And An Investor In Verizon

Verizon Wireless continued releasing a barrage of press releases today at its developer conference in Las Vegas. As part of the onslaught, Verizon is making Geodelic’s location-based platform available to publishers, who need detailed information about local places, like restaurants and shops. What sets this partnership apart from all of the others announced this week is that Verizon Investments has also invested an undisclosed sum into the Santa Monica, Calif.-based company as part of the second round raised earlier this year.

Not much is know about the investment, including what it will be used for, but the platform is called GeoGuides, and let’s developers make guides for places, such as cities, museums, hotels, or other tourist attractions. It’s free to use, and would work nicely to beef up an application that otherwise might be light on information about nearby businesses. The platform works on iPhone, Android, and soon, BlackBerry.

Geodelic’s catalog of businesses and destinations are already used in a number of places, including an application called Sherpa on T-Mobile USA’s network and one called FLYsmart, which is built by Clear Channel (OTCBB: CCMO) and is used to advertise to people traveling in airports looking for nearby businesses.