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Best Buy-Fuse Incubator Launches First Company: Shopping Service Tecca

Tecca, the first company from the digital media fund set up by Best Buy with Fuse Capital, zeros in on personal tech shopping but it’s not a single store experience. Instead, users of the new iPhone and Android apps launching today should be able to compare Best Buy’s prices with other retailers in what the company calls a “single digital marketplace.” The focus is on three areas: discovery (in app, barcode scanning), research (user reviews, specs, etc) and shopping, including comparison pricing. Tecca gets a cut of every sale via affiliate fees.

Tecca is tightly entwined with Fuse Capital — managing director Ross Levinsohn is chairman and his partner (and fellow News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). alum) Mickie Rosen is CEO, leading a staff of seven. They have about 10 editorial contributors now; Levinsohn expects that to grow but says they’ll rely heavily on curated content from around the web. They plan to add versions for mobile browsers, PCs and tablets by the end of the year. The project was approved by the fund in mid-May — Best Buy has three seats, Fuse two — and has been live in the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and Android app stores for a couple of weeks.

The iPhone version opens with a screen that highlights Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) on Wii, the new Flip UltraHD and Halo: Reach with the smartphone of equivalent of glossy illustrations. The placements aren’t sponsored. Users can check off items they own, add to wish lists or buy from the app. For Halo, the lowest price as I type is for $41.92; is the highest at $59.99. But also offers in-store pickup, something a user who wants it right away might take into account.

2 Responses to “Best Buy-Fuse Incubator Launches First Company: Shopping Service Tecca”

  1. Does anyone believe that they would get objective information from an App delivered by a Retailer?

    Frankly, this seems deceptive. It’s a Best Buy app going by another label. Unless the Company shows us some results that demonstrate that Best Buy is NOT always the best price, I wouldn’t go near this.

    That said, the concept is right. I’ll wait for an independent third party to develop a competitive product. Or, wait, don’t we already have Amazon and Google for that?