Infographic: Virtualization & State of Cloud Computing

A survey of data center and IT management professional conducted by Zenoss, an Annapolis, Md.-based data center software and service provider reveals some surprising facts about virtualization and cloud computing. The results were collated from the responses of 204 individuals. Here are the the findings of the survey plus an info graphic outlining the State of the Cloud Computing:

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  • 79.3 percent of those surveyed used VMWare’s (S VMW) virtualization technology, while Citrix’s (s ctxs) Xen was the second most popular virtualization technology with 32.7 percent of users. Oracle (s orcl) VirtualBox was third with 22.0 percent, and Linux Kernel-Based Virtual Machines (KVM) was fourth with 21.3 percent. Many used multiple hypervisors
  • Nearly 65 percent say they use virtualization technology because of cost savings.
  • 43.3 percent of participants use virtualization because of of the flexibility they get. About a third indicate hardware savings as a reason to use virtualization, and 40.7 percent said they preferred to deploy servers virtually.
  • The survey noted that nearly half of the respondents wanted to deploy hosted Linux servers in 2010, while 32.6 percent indicated interest in the Microsoft Windows (s msft) servers.
  • Amazon (s AMZN) was the most popular cloud service, with 43.9 percent of respondents indicating interest its service. Google AppEngine (s goog) got 28 percent, and about 22.7 percent indicated that they planned to use Microsoft Azure. Rackspace’s (s rax) cloud offerings interested only 15.9 percent of the cloud offerings.
  • When asked what tools were they using to manage their cloud infrastructure, nearly 50.8 percent said none, while 33.3 percent said that they were using web-based tools from the hosting provider. New, specialized, cloud/virtualization tools had 9.8 percent of the total share.
  • Nearly 39.4 percent of the respondents said they were worried about security, while 26.5 percent said they were concerned about management. Monitoring got 19.4 percent of the responses, and availability had 16.7 percent.

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