Easier Conference Calls: Tungle.me Now Has WebEx Integration

Scheduling conference calls can be a real pain. First you have to find a time that suits everyone, then you need to actually set up the conference, and distribute the meeting details and dial-in number to all of the participants. If you’re a user of meeting scheduling app Tungle.me, then the process just got a little easier, because the company has rolled out integration with conference call provider WebEx (s csco).

Tungle.me users can now automatically embed WebEx information into meeting invitations when organizing a conference call. The location field in the email confirmation and calendar event will both have a direct link to the WebEx meeting. That should mean that participants won’t have to hunt down a dial-in number hidden in away in an email somewhere, and they’ll also have direct access to any required meeting or presentation documents.

Setting up your Tungle.me account to work with WebEx is straightforward:

  1. Sign into Tungle.me
  2. Click “Partner Add-Ons” in the left sidebar
  3. Enter your WebEx credentials

As WebEx is the only item under the “Partner Add-Ons” menu currently, I’d hope that would mean that Tungle is also looking at integrating other apps with its service. Tungle.me already plays nicely with a large variety of calendaring apps, but being able to integrate it with a wide variety of web conferencing and online presentation providers would be very useful.

What meeting scheduling tools do you use?

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