Sezmi Investors Pour In Another $17.3M

Cable alternative Sezmi has raised an additional $17.3 million, according to SEC documents filed late last week. The latest funding comes on top of $25 million it raised last fall, as the startup expands the availability of its offerings to new markets across the U.S.

Sezmi is an over-the-top cable wannabe, offering up a mix of live, over-the-air programming, along with online, on-demand video content. The company sells a combination over-the-air HD tuner and broadband video appliance for $149 that allows users to watch live broadcast stations and also get select online content for a low monthly fee.

Once users have purchased the company’s hardware, the $4.99 Sezmi Select offering gives them access to content from ABC, (s DIS) CBS, (s CBS) the CW, Fox, (s NWS) NBC (s GE) and Univision content over-the-air. For $19.99 a month, the startup sells a Sezmi Select Plus offering that expands that content to also include select cable content from cable networks like Bravo, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, (s DISCA) MTV, (s VIA) TBS, (s TWX) TNT and USA. For now, though, Sezmi only offers its Sezmi Select Plus package in L.A., with plans to make the $19.99 plan available to more subscribers later.

Sezmi has been rapidly expanding availability, as users in 36 markets throughout the U.S. can now purchase its hardware and use the service. The company has also struck a deal with Amazon (s AMZN) to sell its hardware online.

Sezmi’s most recent round of funding comes less than a year after the startup raised $25 million and launched the initial trial of its services in a Los Angeles test market.

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