Google Bringing Document Editing to Android, iPad


Google (s goog) unveiled a new mobile login verification system today, and perhaps more importantly, said that editing of Google Docs would be coming soon to Android and the iPad (s aapl). The ability to edit docs on the two mobile platforms will bring real-time collaboration to mobile users.

Google Docs is the cloud-based system that offers word processing, spreadsheet and presentation capabilities, and brings collaboration features to teams through the ability to co-edit documents in real-time. Mobile users haven’t been able to take advantage of these collaboration aspects, as mobile versions of Google Docs have been limited to only viewing documents, forcing Android and iPad owners to rely on third-party solutions to edit the documents. The statement from Google today indicates that editing of Google Docs will be coming to Android and the iPad in “the next few weeks”, including the collaboration feature desktop users have enjoyed for some time. Let’s hope this is a full implementation of the Google Docs editing features, and not a limited subset for mobile platforms, as it’s released in the past.

The new login procedure will augment the standard Google Apps login process with a second step that prompts the user to enter a code generated by Google on the user’s smartphone. This advanced login process is aimed at combatting phishing scams and the compromising of passwords, according to Google. WebWorkerDaily has details of the technology behind the new login process.

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Any update on “editing Google Docs on iPad”? I currently don’t have any mobile devices (except an old cellphone), but I have to travel next month, and was planning on buying an iPad to use for email and note taking. I’ve started entering notes I’ll need on Google Docs, but it is disappointing to find I won’t be able to edit them. I don’t need real-time collaboration, just one-at-a-time editing.

Bruce Wagner

Your other blog item says it’s already here…

I use Google Docs on Android. Where is this Editing capability! ? I don’t see it!


“In a few weeks” sounds like the new Docs editing feature may be a feature of Android 3.0, which is due in November.

The Docs editing capability would make sense for tablets with larger display, and less sense for smart phones. I expect Google to make additional functional distinctions between Android 2.x for phones, and 3.x for tablets.


Yeah, additional login process sounds to me like a way to keep an eyeball on what your doing so they can more uniquely present more intrinsically creepy ads to the end user.


You know if you expected the full subet, you could use a real notebook computer? I just do not see the iPad as anything other than an entertaiment device. Productivity with a device like that is just too hard.


I just love how people think they are the center of the universe and just because they see no use for it, it must not be of any use to anyone else.

If you have people in the field with a bunch of laptops and broadband cards how large of a helpdesk do you think you would need to service them? Plus infrastructure equipment overhead to keep those laptops running? Yeah having them work with a helpdesk that’s really productive.

Allan Zieser

Excellent news, I use Google Docs for a lot of business writing and having the ability to edit my Google Docs on the iPad will help me out greatly.

The extra security is a good step as well.


What happened to your Blog?
It became kind of flat and uninspiring, perhaps it is just a phase of an identity crisis. Or maybe you moved on to the greener pastures and tretaing this as an appendix that “requires” maintenance…
Please write, please review, please state your opinion as you have done in the past :)


how can i unlock my android i have tried entering my google account for days now it wont work can u help or should i throw this techno crap in the trash?


The article writer did not say iPad and Android, those were Google’s words. They are probably making it only enabled for the iPad device (my interpretation).

Also interesting that Google is pairing iPad and Android, this is a big statement that they are positioning Android as a tablet rather than a phone OS.

Cat Eldridge

Being picky I should note that it’s not Android and iPad but rather is Android and iOS as an iPad is a device, not an operating system. I would hope that a tech writer would know that but apparently not.

James Kendrick

As Jonathan stated below, Google deliberately did not mention the iPhone nor iPod Touch, but only the iPad. I chose to accurately report the news and not make an assumption that they meant the iOS platform, as you seem to think.

Scott Becker

This is great, but it is still going to take some time to get used to. Being a creature of habit, I am still using MS Office and third party software on the phone. Over time I think more people will begin using the service and in the end costs will come down as well because of the competition.

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