Google Bringing Document Editing to Android, iPad


Google unveiled a new mobile login verification system today, and perhaps more importantly, said that editing of Google Docs would be coming soon to Android and the iPad. The ability to edit docs on the two mobile platforms will bring real-time collaboration to mobile users.

Google Docs is the cloud-based system that offers word processing, spreadsheet and presentation capabilities, and brings collaboration features to teams through the ability to co-edit documents in real-time. Mobile users haven’t been able to take advantage of these collaboration aspects, as mobile versions of Google Docs have been limited to only viewing documents, forcing Android and iPad owners to rely on third-party solutions to edit the documents. The statement from Google today indicates that editing of Google Docs will be coming to Android and the iPad in “the next few weeks”, including the collaboration feature desktop users have enjoyed for some time. Let’s hope this is a full implementation of the Google Docs editing features, and not a limited subset for mobile platforms, as it’s released in the past.

The new login procedure will augment the standard Google Apps login process with a second step that prompts the user to enter a code generated by Google on the user’s smartphone. This advanced login process is aimed at combatting phishing scams and the compromising of passwords, according to Google. WebWorkerDaily has details of the technology behind the new login process.

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