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It seems that LogMeIn’s super-simple web conferencing product LogMeIn Express, which I first wrote about back in November last year, has been rebranded as It’s basically still the same product with a few tweaks that make it easier to use and a little more useful.

To start a conference, the presenter goes to the site and hits the “Share” button. This downloads a small screen sharing app to the presenter’s computer (note: this app is Windows only, so the presenter must be using a Windows (s msft) machine). Start the app, and the a menu bar appears at the top of the screen, together with a short conference URL that can be copied to your clipboard ready to send to the conference attendees. There are also some controls: a button for pausing/playing screen sharing; a button that brings up a dedicated conference call number; a button for sending IM-like broadcast messages; a button to change how you are identified to others in the conference; and a button to enable “remote control” mode, where conference attendees can take control of the mouse pointer.

To join your conference, attendees just go to your URL to access the conference through their browser (note: this part of the app works via Flash (s adbe), so attendees don’t have to be on Windows). The process is a little easier than with the old LogMeIn Express, where attendees had to go to the site and type a code into a box.

As a super-quick conferencing solution, I like it. While it doesn’t have the features and flexibility of full fledged web conferencing apps like Dimdim, it’s free, and there’s no need for either presenter or attendees to sign up for anything. However, the requirement that the presenter must be using Windows is limiting — hopefully that’s something that LogMeIn will work on before the product moves out of beta.

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Rick Broida

I’m not sure you’re correct about the rebranding; seems more like a spin-off. LogMeIn Express still exists in its previous iteration, and it was never positioned as a conferencing tool. It’s for quick and easy screen sharing/remote control.

Steve Chazin

Thanks Simon for the shout out for Dimdim! Of course, Dimdim is free for 10 people on and we have an awesome single-click screensharing feature called myScreen that IMHO is much better than join me. Just give out your permanent room URL (mine is and once you share your screen, anyone can see it in their browser without requiring even a Java applet. Our latest version 6 now lets you share your entire screen, a region or a single app…and your guests can even bookmark your screen in their browser. Thanks again!


Just wanted to point out that the app for the presenter will work for windows and Mac. You have in the article as windows only.

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