Verizon Takes “No Rush” Attitude With Windows Phone 7


Microsoft (s msft) is gearing up for the fall appearance of Windows Phone 7 handsets, but Verizon (s vz) won’t be sticking its name on any of them. Big Red will not be launching a Windows Phone 7 handset this year, but told Bloomberg today it will “probably release a phone in 2011.” That doesn’t sound like a solid endorsement that Windows Phone 7 is factoring heavily into Verizon’s near-term plans. Perhaps the carrier is still reeling from the massive failure of Microsoft’s Kin phone line that was killed after only a couple of months.

The popularity of Verizon’s Android-based (s goog) Droid line of phones should give it the breathing room needed to wait and see how Windows Phone 7 performs in the market before jumping into the water. Next year is also when Verizon is supposed to get the iPhone (s aapl), if you believe the rumors appearing every week. Android is fast becoming the 800-pound gorilla in the smartphone world, and the gang in Redmond has a lot of ground to cover to compete in today’s highly competitive market, and while it can do so without Verizon, having the carrier on board would certainly make success easier. Windows Phone 7, Android and much more will be on the table for discussion at our Mobilize conference this month.

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Karen Tenterfield

Something has gone very wrong for Windows Phone 7.

Verizon was previously listed as Microsoft’s partner in this. It is obvious that it is Verizon who is taking a step back from Microsoft.

Microsoft’s massive advertising push is going to look pretty weak when it only has 1 or 2 networks on board.

I do not believe that Windows Phone 7 has the luxury that iPhone has, of being able to survive on a single network.


Microsoft’s biggest competitor in the smartphone space is the Apple iPhone. So releasing primarily on AT&T makes complete sense. They are trying to tackle the iPhone base and see people on the same network switch platforms.
They probably released the Kin on the Verizon network because they planned all along to concentrate development efforts for the GSM providers. That gives them a better reach worldwide. They have already said that they will be releasing one for the CDMA networks too. So there really isn’t any exclusivity contracts in place (like Apple and AT&T).
I think their strategy makes sense (much to my disappointment as I am on Verizon).


Was it a strategy or just one of the feature cuts late in the development cycle (as they realized complexiety of CDMA networks)?


That seals it. Verizon Android Phones win me over as a customer! I was willing to hang on for a few months to try the Windows Phone 7. I can’t wait that long to see if Windows ever creates something worthy…….. and AT&T is crap!


Microsoft simply followed Palm and Android in simply launching GSM first. Isn’t not like CDMA is commonplace outside the U.S. and Iraq.


It’s also interesting to note that there won’t be a CDMA version of Windows Phone 7 at all this year. Whether that decision was imposed on Verizon to keep development more streamlined or because AT&T was just more enthusiastic is the real question.


Can you blame them? How much money did they lose in advertising dollars for the Kin? Their ads kept playing even after Kin was killed.

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