The 5 Most-Used Android Apps on My Phone


The Android (s goog) Market is a hustling bodega of app goodness that’s growing by leaps and bounds. To shamelessly borrow a famous line, no matter what you need to do with an Android phone, there’s an app for that. The apps cover a wide range of types, from full programs to widgets that sit on the phone home screens and provide simple utility. I confess I am an appoholic, as I spend a lot of time checking out new apps to make sure I don’t miss a good one. I spend over six hours every day using my Android phone (EVO 4G), and having a good mix of apps is important. There are five apps I spend most of my phone time using, and I present them in the order of the most-used to the least (depicted in the home screen image here).

Note that most of these apps have a free version, but I ‘ve upgraded them all to the paid version. This usually adds useful features, or gets rid of any ads in the free version. I like to support developers, so I’d buy them anyway, given the heavy use I get out of them. Mobile apps and developers will be hot topics at our Mobilize conference this month.

Dolphin Browser HD. I work on the web from sun up to long after sundown each day, and I spend the most time on my phone in the web browser. Dolphin is my default browser, and I can’t remember the last time I used the EVO’s stock browser. The combination of speed, tabs, bookmark handling and gesture control makes Dolphin the most-used app on my phone. Watching the video I shot of Dolphin should make it clear why it’s my most used app.

Touiteur Premium. I use Twitter all day, and no matter what device I’m using, there’s a Twitter client running in the background. I keep up with those I follow, and have numerous conversations with them every day. A good Twitter client is a must-have app for me, and I believe I’ve tried most of them available for Android. Touiteur (Twitter spoken with a French accent) is the one I keep coming back to. It’s fast, and presents the most information on the phone screen as possible, while keeping it all easy to digest at a glance.

gReader Pro. This app has become a heavily used app in a relatively short time due to the utility it provides. I spend hours each day following thousands of Google Reader RSS feeds, and until recently, I was happy using the official Google Reader page formatted for the iPhone (s aapl) in the browser. Once I found gReader, I haven’t looked back, as it makes it easier and faster to follow the news items that cross my path daily. It presents a lot of information in a clean, easy-to-navigate format. I can do anything I do using Google Reader on the desktop, but with methods optimized for the Android phone.

Kindle. I love e-books. I read one or two novels a week on average, and Kindle (s amzn) is my platform of choice, as I can use multiple devices to do so. The big EVO screen has become my favorite for reading books, and the Kindle for Android app is a great way to do it. I wish buying books could happen within the program rather than firing up the browser, but for reading books and maintaining my growing library, this app is great.

ToodleDroid. I use the online service Toodledo to manage my to-do list, an important part of my work day. ToodleDroid is fully integrated into the online service, and makes working with to-dos nice and easy. The task list view is very pleasing, and is customizable to work the way I want. This app keeps me on top of the things I need to get done, and is a vital part of my routine.

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google reader app: you should look into Greed. it has better google reader support and is faster on syncs than gReader. Also it supports mobile view and embedded audio content.


I have Beautiful Widgets also. I have searched the Clock Skins and Weather Skins but do not find the specific one that you are using. Could you possible “name” the skin?


Thanks. Returning to Houston next week after 4 months in Colorado. Cool it down!!!


The clock/weather skin is one that I would want. What is it? I like the transparency. I have searched the market and you App Brain apps and do not find it.


Yes, nice list.

I’d swap you nook for Android for Kindle.

I love Tooledroid.


Raymond Padilla

Mine would be:

1) Default browser
2) Google Voice
3) Facebook
4) Wordfeud
5) WordPress

(Foursquare is on the list too, but I’m going to pretend that I don’t use it.)


Thanks for the tips, James. I’ve been using NewsRob forever but have never really liked the UI and have been seeking a replacement. Just tried the free version of gReader but I find it pretty slow. Are you seeing that with the Pro version?

James Kendrick

No, I’ve had 1,000 items synced in and that can take a little bit but not too slow to be concerned. The operation of the app is really fast for me once the items have synced in.


1) with Froyo, I still prefer the default browser… crazy fast
2) tried all available clients. Touiteur is nice, but I can’t quickly access to a list or search keyword… Tweetdeck for Android is way better (Twicca too)
3) greader fills your memory very quickly… the html5 web version is better, imho. Or, alternatively, the just-launched my6Sense
4) 5) +1, very nice

James Kendrick

I haven’t seen that yet with gReader. I have it set to only manually refresh (like I do with all apps) so maybe that’s got something to do with it.


Excellent, James…

I use several of these apps on my Streak….

Just installed TweetDeck the other day….so, testing it out now…

As for task mgmt, I got Got To Do, paid version and very pleased with it. It syncs with ToodleDo and supports subtasks..

For something a bit more project mgmt oriented with ability to show tasks in Gantt chart form, I got MPM..

Also, bought Docs To Go for Office app functionality…

Using ereader to read books…

And like you have installed a bunch of other apps, mostly things like notes and calendar apps, etc…plus some utilities and a few games…. ;)


I’m with you on GoToDo, way better than ToodleDroid. My 5…

1) QuickDesk w/ Pure Calendar Agenda widget
2) Touchdown for Exchange
3) GotToDo
4) Twitter
5) Dolphin HD


TweetDeck for Android is still my twitter client of choice. After seeing your tweet for gReader I tried it out and it quickly replaced NewsRob as my Google Reader app.

I haven’t tried ToodleDroid, but am very happy with Astrid as my task manager. Links well to RTM, nice simple widget…

I love Android as a platform and all the new apps coming out. As more and more people are using Android based phones, the number of quality apps coming out will continue to grow.

Please keep the tips and posts like this coming!

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