Siphon: Add-on Sync for Firefox

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Siphon is an add-on that lets you sync a list of add-ons between multiple Firefox installs. Big deal, you might be thinking, Firefox already has Firefox Sync, and that can sync add-ons between browsers. Well, you’d be right, except that Siphon provides the ability to manage which add-ons are installed and kept in sync on each browser via an easy-to-use management interface.

The list of add-ons is stored on the Siphon server by default (you need to set up an account), but you can use your own server if you prefer by using the Siphon API. Siphon currently doesn’t synchronize add-on preferences or personal data between Firefox installs, only the list of add-ons.

I could see being very useful for people who use Firefox across a bunch of different machines and have a collection of add-ons that would like to install on each machine without having to download each one individually. It could also be potentially useful for corporate IT departments who want to ensure that a company’s employees have all of the tools that they need on installed on their browsers.

Siphon is a free add-on that works with Firefox 3.0-3.6 (it’s not compatible with Firefox 4 beta yet).

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