Justin.tv Rolls Out iPhone App for Live Streaming

Justin.tv is quickly expanding its mobile capabilities with a new iPhone (s AAPL) app that will allow its users to broadcast or view video from its live streaming site. The release comes just two weeks after it introduced its first live mobile streaming app for Android, (s GOOG) and includes some iPhone-specific features that could set it apart from other mobile streaming apps already on the market.

The new application (iTunes link), which went live today, enables users to stream live to Justin.tv from their iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS handsets. For users of Justin.tv’s video viewing app, released earlier this year, the streaming capabilities will be added as a free upgrade to their existing application. That will give a huge boost to the live streaming startup, as it already has more than two million installed users for its old app.

Justin.tv’s live streaming app was built to take advantage of hardware encoding on the devices, and will enable users to record and stream continuously even as they move between 3G and WiFi networks. But the biggest difference between its iPhone app and that of other live streaming companies is that — like its Android app — Justin.tv’s signup, social sharing and chat features are all self-contained, while Ustream or Qik users have to log on to those websites to set up or use some of those features. It also enables iPhone 4 users to switch between front-facing and rear-facing cameras on the fly.

The launch comes as Justin moves aggressively into the mobile space. In the two weeks since it introduced its mobile app for Android devices, mobile streaming traffic has jumped dramatically, with mobile streams now making up about 20 percent of all live broadcasts. The availability of the live streaming platform on iPhone should increase that number even further.

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