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Green Overdrive: Jay Leno Shows Off His Green Garage!

A lot of people know that comedian and talk show host Jay Leno has a whole lotta cars — dozens and dozens of vintage and sports cars and motorcycles cover his 17,000 square foot garage, dubbed Big Dog Garage, in Southern California. Most people don’t know that Leno’s garage has a green tint. For this week’s episode of the GigaOM TV Green Overdrive show, Leno showed us around his solar powered-garage, which houses three 1900s-era electric cars: the 1906 Baker electric car, the 1916 Owen Magnetic, and the 1925 steam-powered Doble. Check out our tour!

6 Responses to “Green Overdrive: Jay Leno Shows Off His Green Garage!”

  1. I loved hearing about Jay’s car collection! I had no idea electric cars were around back in early 1900’s! I bet the ride in the little (reminded me of a tiny ‘smart’ car) was fun!

    Great story and presentation.