Dailymotion to Distribute Horror Original Camera Obscura

Dailymotion is getting into the Halloween spirit this year by picking up the horror web series Camera Obscura. The 20-episode series produced by MWG Entertainment will run exclusively on the site beginning Oct. 1. Written and directed by Drew Daywalt, the tale of a young woman confronted by the monsters that live inside her dead grandfather’s old camera has, based on the trailer, a distinct Guillermo Del Toro vibe — and the imaginative costumes and special effects to match.

Camera Obscura trailer
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This is the third original web series Dailymotion has partnered with over the last year, beginning with December 2009’s Compulsions and Squatters last June. In those cases, both shows were exclusive to the site for a short period of time; however, Obscura will run exclusively on Dailymotion for the following year.

“We’re very committed to web originals in a way that not everyone else out there is,” Joy Marcus, general manager of Dailymotion North America, said via phone, “And based on the pedigree of people involved and watching the episodes provided to us, [Obscura] was an amazing opportunity for us to feature something very out of the box.”

The other reason Dailymotion took on Obscura, according to Marcus, was that it felt the show was monetizable. “We’re an ad-supported website, and we have a very active ad team out there making sales. So we get behind shows that have high potential for views and potential to be shown to [advertisers],” she said. “The name is marketable; there are highly marketable names behind it; and the subject material is dark but within parameters for advertisers.”

While Marcus couldn’t go into specifics about the nature of the deal, she did say that “We want to encourage creation. And to do so, you have to pay people, right?” Obscura will receive the full “four screen” push, thanks to Dailymotion’s iPad app (s aapl).

Dailymotion may roll out another web original during the holiday season, once Obscura has completed its run, and in general, Marcus promises that they’ll be putting out more web series in the future. “2009 was not a great year for web originals,” she said, “But the ad market is recovering, and there’s more money flowing into production. We’re going to see more product to choose from. The trend in the marketplace is very positive for web originals.”

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