A MeeGo Tablet With Android App Support Is Coming

MeeGo may have been neglected at Nokia (s nok) World this week, but a German company is readying a MeeGo tablet for launch next week. MeeGo is a joint venture of Intel (s intc) and Nokia, and the WeTab is an iPad (s aapl) competitor that’s running the open platform. Apps have become the new currency in mobile computing, and the WeTab folks claim it will support native MeeGo apps, Java (s orcl), Linux, Adobe Air (s adbe) and Android Apps (s goog).

The WeTab is a large slate with hardware specs more reminiscent of a PC than a mobile tablet. The 11.6-inch screen (1366×768), Intel Atom processor, 16 or 32 GB of memory, USB ports, 3G, GPS and SDHC card reader are commonly found in netbooks running Windows (s msft). The reported 6-hour battery life is a result of that hardware mix, and may be considered insufficient for road warriors and those used to the iPad’s 11-hour battery life.

The WeTab folks are supporting apps through the WeTab “Meta-Store,” which integrates multiple stores for the supported app platforms. It hasn’t provided details concerning how this works exactly, but if it truly handles apps from the Android Market, that would be a big plus for WeTab owners.

The MeeGo user interface shown on the WeTab looks to make good use of the large screen, with multi-touch support thrown in the mix. The MeeGo desktop is a long, scrollable home screen, instead of the multiple small home screens used by Android. It looks quite efficient in the promotional videos on the WeTab site. The tablet handles multitasking, and supports common web standards like Flash and Adobe Air. It’s available in two models: 16GB (Wi-Fi only) for €449 ($587 USD) and a 32GB model (3G, GPS, 1080p HDMI) for €569. The WeTab is a joint venture between Neofonie GmbH and the 4tiitoo AG.

Intel was showing the WeTab at the IDF conference this week, and this video shows the interface in detail.

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