Video: Parallels Mobile Running Windows on iPad


Parallels Desktop 6 makes it easy to run an alternate OS on any Mac in a virtual machine. Those needing to run Windows will find it makes using OS X and Windows side-by-side a solid experience. Parallels Mobile for iOS allows one-tap access to the virtual machine running on the Mac, and turns the Windows virtual machine into a touch-optimized system on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. In this video, we show it in action, operating Windows 7 Ultimate on the iPad using Parallels Mobile.

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The idea is interesting, but its value (financially and practically) may be limited.

Financial: Let’s see, its a free App but it relies on you already having blown $80+ dollars on Parallels 6, $250+ on a full, legal version of WinOS to install via the program and, of course, you’ve already blown the big bucks on a Mac or an iPad/iPhone/Touch. Someone want to re-define ‘free’?

Practical: So, what exactly would one work on using a Touch and a ‘virtual’ WinOS? Eye Strain ‘R Us.
If this doesn’t give you the ability (one hopes) to have access to and save to a larger storage location and be able to, say, print directly via Parallels, you’re still stuck using a ‘companion’ device with limited storage and capabilities that will eventually need syncing to a real computer to make this worthwhile.


Lorie Ghamy

For direct acces to Windows 7 on my iPad, i use the free app TeamViewer. So i get the full screen of my PC outside and i interact from the iPad.

And to have the iPad screen on my PC, i use the free TightVNC on the PC, while Veency is running on my jailbroken iPad.

Best regards !


So, what’s the difference between this, and having VNC on your guest OS (or even on a native OS), while using any of several existing VNC clients for the iPad.

This really doesn’t seem noteworthy to me in any way. If it was “the virtual host is running on the iPad itself” that could be interesting. Someone did that with Bochs and (I think) Windows95, but you have to be a developer to install it. I’d love to see that expanded to something like Ubuntu (or a very light linux distribution).

But, a glorified VNC session? yawn

James Kendrick

This is designed for those already using Parallels Desktop. It adds the remote capability with a free app that requires nothing else, including any outside service such as LogMeIn. Nothing more, nothing less.


This is totally awesome and will enable the mighty mighty iPad to conquer those old-school closed-minded corporate IT departments. Apple will now put the CONTROL stamp on the Enterprise with the iPad controlling the entire corporate infrastructure REMOTELY and HANDHELD as it should be. Thanks Steve and maybe more dummies in the IT department will finally wake up and see the endless possibilities of this truly magical device. BOOM.


Your headline is misleading. Windows is not running on the iPad, it is running in a virtual machine hosted on a Mac. The iPad application is just a fancy remote desktop application similar to VNC or RDP of which there are already many available in the app store.


Don’t think of it as “Running Windows on iPad” think of it as “Parallels Mobile on iPad”. “Running Windows” clarifies what exactly Parallels Mobile is doing.

That’s how I read the headline anyways.

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