New HTC Sense Brings the Phone to the Living Room

HTC Desire Z

Android phone giant HTC today unveiled two new phones and the next generation of the Sense interface, aiming to bring the phone to the living room with DLNA support. The Desire HD and Desire Z (otherwise known as the G2) both run the new Sense software that implements DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) standards for streaming video to televisions, wirelessly. The new phones offer 720p HD video recording and editing, so adding wireless streaming to the big screen fits into HTC’s aim to turn its phones into lifestyle devices.

DLNA support is not just restricted to video streaming, as the HTC implementation will allow exchanging any content among phones and computers that are DLNA-ready. This opens up the ability to share media content with any capable device in the home. Those familiar with DLNA will admit it can be hard to get working properly, but once it works, it’s easy to use.

The new phones from HTC are bringing the Android handset to the next level. The Desire HD is the next generation EVO with a similar 4.3-inch screen. The camera has been bumped up to 8 MP, and HSPA+ (14.4 Mbps) connectivity has been added that can tap into high-speed networks. The Desire Z is the European version of the G2, with a sliding QWERTY keyboard and the next-generation Snapdragon processor. Both phones will be available in Europe and Asia, with release in the U.S. to follow.

HTC’s Sense software is installed on its entire Android phone line, and creates a distinctive look and feel that sets HTC phones apart from the crowd. The new version of Sense adds a host of new features, including advanced mapping capability, as well as improving boot time. HTC claims the new Sense focuses on making it easier for customers to interact with personal data, not just view it. The DLNA support opens up scenarios taking advantage of streaming both data and media in the home. Recording HD video with the new Sense phones and watching it on the living room TV should be popular. The smartphone can replace camcorders for many customers in this scenario.

HTC also announced the upcoming launch of the web site that will bring additional features to customers. Owners will be able to back up phone data to the web, and remotely wipe the memory of lost or stolen phones.

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