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Times Launching Web Notifications Dashboard, TV Ad For Paid Pitch

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I often find it confusing when people charge The Times with having introduced reader fees without having launched a service that really takes advantage of the internet (have you seen those infographics or daily emails?).

But a new launch on and may help put paid to that…

The papers are launching Dashboard, a feature that lets customers receive…
— custom notifications of new stories in particular sections
— notifications when a previously-read article gets updated
— and a history list of previously-read articles.

You can’t do that in print. It’s also somewhat unique amongst news websites, even if it is essentially a friendlier version of RSS-type functionality.

The paradigm the section-subscriptions revolve around is of “following”, which certainly sounds Twitter-ish.

Rupert Everett probably likes it. Times Newspapers has taken its bullishness about the paid model to a prime-time TV ad, starring the actor, who explains why “good journalism” is so valuable.

Everett will be the only personality used in the campaign, the publisher tells paidContent:UK.

Still no official metrics on customer take-up.

3 Responses to “Times Launching Web Notifications Dashboard, TV Ad For Paid Pitch”

  1. Richard Tobin

    Danny. It is shot at Manzes Pie and Mash shop, Tower Bridge Road SE1. This information was found through searching the internet with a little logical thinking combined. The answer was NOT found via The Times website. I recommend that the same holds true for reading the news.

  2. Richard Tobin

    The Times website may allow you ‘to be constantly updating yourself’ or it may allow News International to be constantly updating you instead, updating you with their chosen subliminal multiple layered paradigm. All as a result of having your news and views emanate predominately through a pre-paid account. Your one stop brainwash shop!