Peer39 Partners With AppNexus To Broaden Buy-Side Appeal


Peer39 wants to be thought of as more than just a “semantic advertising specialist” for publishers and has reached out AppNexus, which serves as a real-time ad platform for ad networks, demand-side platforms, trading desks and other online ad companies. With its publisher-facing side fairly established, this deal represents the wider direction Peer39 has been looking to head in since bringing on former quadrantOne head Andy Ellenthal as CEO back in April. “Ultimately, the deal helps makes us even more relevant to advertisers as we are to publishers in terms of the quality of the audience targeting we can do and the insights we can provide,” Ellenthal said in an interview with paidContent.

The deal with AppNexus follows an earlier one this summer between Peer39 and ad optimizer AdMeld, which also expanded Peer39’s reach to ad networks, exchanges and DSPs.


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