Google Acquires Israeli Startup Quiksee for $10M


Google (s GOOG) has acquired the Israeli video tour start-up Quiksee, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Rumors of the sale first started this weekend, but were confirmed today by a post on the Quiksee’s site.

Quiksee, which was founded in 2002, received $3.5 million in investments from two groups, Ofer Hi-Tech and Docor International, on top of some private angel investing. The Google deal is estimated to be around $10 million.

According to the post, Quiksee will be joining the Google Geo team, which adds that:

We’ve learned a lot from our previous work at Quiksee, and we look forward to bringing our experience, creativity and insight to Google. Both Google and Quiksee share the same innovative vision, and while we can’t share any future product plans, we look forward to the opportunity to contribute and do great things together in the future.

Paid Content puts this as being Google’s 28th acquisition since last August, and it’s also the second Israeli company recently purchased.

This video demo from 2009 illustrates how a Quiksee tour is created, which shows the process as being somewhat complicated but potentially manageable on a consumer level. Most notably, it also shows that Quiksee is already integrated with Google Maps.

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