Quick Tip: Command+Click a Title Bar to Show Root Directory

Yeah, that title doesn’t make much sense, does it? Let me explain. I stumbled upon this trick a while ago when I was moving a background Safari window by holding down the command key while dragging. I hit the title of a Safari window, and a popup sprung up showing me a directory list. So, if you command+click a Safari title bar, you get a directory list going back to the root of the site you’re on, like in the image below:

This also works in the Finder:

So, how is this useful? Well, say you’re really deep in the hierarchy of a website and the designer of the website hasn’t provided a link back to the homepage. Rather than clicking the back button a bunch of times, you can just command+click the title bar and scroll down to the root, which is a lot faster.

You probably won’t need to use this that often, but it’s still a neat trick to learn, and, as far as I know, this only works in Safari and Finder. If you know of any other applications where this works, tell us in the comments.