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BurstPoint Launches for Enterprise Video Delivery

New video startup BurstPoint Networks is launching today with a video delivery suite aimed at distributing high-definition video. The BurstPoint Video Communications Platform (VCP), which is part of today’s announcement, was launched as a way for enterprise customers to efficiently deliver video both behind the firewall and over the broader Internet.

The company is targeting enterprise businesses that wish to deliver messaging to employees, customers or partners in a cost-efficient way. As a result, BurstPoint’s VCP suite includes a number of products designed for enterprises to capture, manage and distribute live and on-demand video to various sites and company locations. Elements of the product suite include¬†BurstPoint VCP Manager, Encoder, Conference Point, Delivery Node and Display Engine, each of which is designed to handle a certain aspect of delivery or distribution.

BurstPoint is leveraging assets it acquired from bankrupt video conferencing startup Starbak earlier this year. Starbak had a rocky history, including being acquired by a private investment firm in 2007 and buying out that investor’s shares in 2009, before being swallowed whole by BurstPoint in June.

The startup says it has made significant upgrades to the Starbak system in creating the BurstPoint VCP. According to BurstPoint VP of Marketing David Safaii, the VCP suite has fault tolerance and redundancy built in that wasn’t in the Starbak product, and has added a “virtual delivery node” to offload video to a content delivery network for Internet video. While BurstPoint has retained some of Starbak’s customers, it has also signed on new customers of its own.

BurstPoint is backed by Windspeed Ventures, which led the startup’s Series A financing round. BurstPoint wouldn’t say how much it’s raised in total, but the company has brought in at least $1.1 million as part of an initial round of venture financing, according to an SEC filing. Along with the financing, Windspeed partners John Bullock and Dan Bathon are on BurstPoint’s Board of Directors.

BurstPoint’s efforts to capture the enterprise market for video conferencing, webcasting, streaming and delivering digital signage comes at the same time that industry heavyweight Adobe (s ADBE) has announced a new version of its Flash Media Server focused squarely on the enterprise. With support for IP multicast and a peer-to-peer technology for more efficient delivery of video both behind enterprise firewalls and throughout the broader Internet, Adobe’s Flash Media Server 4 could pose a serious competitive threat to BurstPoint.

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