Google Says Google Reader Is Doing Just Fine

We reported last week in the aftermath of IAC’s decision to shut down Bloglines that Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Reader was not doing that well either, citing the latest Hitwise figures which showed visits to the service down 27 percent year-over-year. Google did not respond then when asked for comment, but in a blog post today, Google Reader’s Mihai Parparita says the service is growing.

Parparita’s post includes graphs indicating that the number of Google Reader users (which it defines as the number of people who have used the service at least once a week) is up over the last year, as are the number of items read each day via the service. He recaps some of Google Reader’s milestones and says “more and more people (have) picked up the Reader habit.”

Here’s Google’s chart showing the number of Google Reader users:


Notably, Google did not share any figures on overall visits to Google Reader, which would probably provide a better comparison to the numbers Hitwise gave us. The graphs also don’t include any figures on their y-axes. we’ve asked for those and will update when we hear back. A spokeswoman said the company did not have anything “more specific” to share. But Google does appear intent on picking up Bloglines users, providing instructions on how to switch.