Live Matrix Launches Its Schedule for All the Web

Live Matrix, which was introduced in private beta this spring as a calendar for all live events online, is finally being opened up to anyone and everyone who wants to know what’s happening on the web at any given time. The site, which was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Nova Spivack and former Gemstar-TV Guide exec Sanjay Reddy, currently indexes more than 100,000 unique events a week.

Live events online are becoming increasingly important, as was shown in a recent comScore (s scor) report which showed that the amount of live video consumed on sites like Ustream, and Livestream grew more than 600 percent to 1.4 billion minutes in July. While sites like’s recently launched Live channel aim to keep track of all premium online video events on the web, Live Matrix goes well beyond that.

In addition to live video events, Live Matrix indexes a number of live events on the web, including online sales, events taking place in virtual worlds, auctions, contests and product launches across thousands of web sites. The site is surfacing popular events on the front page and providing a programming guide of ongoing and future live events that users can browse through, as well as the ability to search through its index of events.

Since announcing Live Matrix earlier this year, the founders have been working to improve the user experience, making the site more social and more personal. As a result, Live Matrix now has social integration with Twitter, Facebook and Plancast, allowing users to connect with those social networks and let their friends know which events they’ll be tuning in to or which events they add to their favorites. They are also working to make search results more valuable for the user: adding personalized recommendations and developing a faceted search (to be rolled out later this year) that will surface events through search that are more relevant to users. To that end, Live Matrix also introduced a daily newsletter which will inform users of events they’ve RSVP’d to as well as others that they might like.

In addition to the more consumer-facing changes Live Matrix has made, the company has also made it easier for publishers to add events to its index. That will be important, as the company currently relies on revenues from affiliate sales made through linking to publisher events. In the future, once Live Matrix has reached scale, it foresees a time when it can sell predictive data it gets from the number of people who’ve RSVP’d to events to help publishers in capacity planning and ad sales for their live events.

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