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Android This Week: Verizon Goes Bing; Samsung Mimics Apple

Verizon (s vz) created a stir this week as word spread it was replacing Google (s goog) search with Microsoft (s msft) Bing on Android handsets. The irony was thick that Google’s big competitor in search would replace its product on smartphones based on its own platform. Initial reports had all of Verizon’s future Android phones getting the Bing treatment, but the company quickly responded that only some of them will lose Google’s search. The Verizon Bing partnership is the result of a $500 million deal the company entered into with Microsoft last year to promote Bing on its network.

Samsung has created a popular smartphone line with the Galaxy S series and is selling them all over the globe. It has already shipped 3 million Galaxy S phones, an impressive number for such a young product line. While the line consists of several different models, they are all similar with a few minor tweaks. This creates a solid base for Samsung to appeal to customers (and carriers) world-wide with various handsets, while retaining the cost benefits of a single product line. Samsung has in essence duplicated the cost benefits that Apple (s aapl) enjoys with the single iPhone line. It’s a recipe for success in a hectic smartphone business.

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3 Responses to “Android This Week: Verizon Goes Bing; Samsung Mimics Apple”

  1. I dont have a fascinate, I have a continuum, but all of the sudden bing is popping up on my home screen whenever I get a text message, and showing the message as well so if my phone is sitting out anyone can read my text. I tried to uninstall it but it doesnt show it on active apps and when I find it on apps under settings it doesnt have an unstall option. So, am I stuck with this now? The whole purpose of screenlock is for privacy. And now bing/verizon decided to shove their product down my throat while making my private text messages part of the advertisement. Enough! Take your phone and your contract and pound it up each others arse. Im sick to death of all you spammers, advert hackers, nazicorpos who keep trying to forcefeed us your garbage . If it wasnt garbage then you wouldnt need to sneak it into a persons phone and hijack it. I dont care about an early cancellation fee. Im done giving my money to yet another company that shows such blatant disregard for the same people whos patronage contributed to them having a job in the first place.

    P.S. You suck

  2. Phone Industry Analysis

    The market will sort this out.

    People don’t want Bing on their smartphones. It will deter customers from purchasing the phone if they know Bing is on it.

    Mobile networks are installing too much crapware on phones these days. It’s becoming a real issue.