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Fanboy Funhouse Not Just For Fans, Or Boys

To be a fan of Fanboy Funhouse is to acknowledge and embrace your love of geeky pop culture. Produced by Crave Online, the weekly pop culture commentary series covers movies, comics and video games while also providing social media tips, reporting on robot news and mocking Hollywood douchebags. It’s a professionally produced and entertaining four to six minutes — and there are puppets.

Host Nar Williams’s collection of nerd T-shirts is subtle and varied, and he also has a confident and likable presence on screen. Plus, he brings clear wit to the writing (while also not being afraid of the occasional rhyme on his name). This is hardly unexplored territory, but Funhouse brings a unique spin to it with its fast pacing, surprising tangents and a funhouse slide that every guest enters on.

Funhouse also isn’t afraid to go negative on properties: The mockery of M. Night Shyamalan is ever-present, Williams challenged one of the scantily-clad girls promoting Green Hornet at Comic-Con as to whether or not she actually knew who the Green Hornet was. (She says she does, but she’s not too convincing.)

The show wouldn’t be a children’s television-influenced talk show if it didn’t have supporting characters. Alas, while both puppets are great, the one character who really falls flat for me is Dugnot. Brian Gilmore’s performance is fine, but something about the combination of the bald wig and pig nose just didn’t gel as a character.

But let’s mention more nice things! Because this show is thoroughly enjoyable. f the episodes I watched, I was grateful to see that for content on a site subtitled “What Men Crave Online,” the T&A flaunting was kept to a relative minimum. Not only that, but in the most recent episode, puppeteer Roth Cornet stepped away from her “Lobie” puppet for an awesome on-camera feminist rant. Then they murder an evil little girl, and interview A Comicbook Orange‘s Casey McKinnon.

So fangirls need not feel excluded. In fact, it’s not just for fans: Any media consumer who knows how over the top Michael Bay movies are should be able to enjoy the fun.

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