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With CSC’s Help, L.A. Goes Google

The city of Los Angeles is on track to switch completely over to Google Apps (s goog). Over 15,500 L.A. city employees have switched to Google’s web-based email and productivity applications, according to CSC, a Falls Church, Va.-based large systems integrator and IT consulting company.

According to CSC, nearly 36 of city’s 40 departments are now using Google Apps, with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) part of the final migration. The L.A. win is a major boost for Google, which has been trying hard to get a toehold in the lucrative enterprise and government market for its productivity apps.

CSC was chartered with the task to help L.A. switch to Google apps. Under the contract, CSC is providing its Trusted Cloud Services to include systems integration, security, training, migration and other end-user services.