Sept. 9: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

Rackspace Claims Credit for Shushing Koran-burning ‘Pastor’ (From The Register) I think Rackspace is toeing the First Amendment line on this one, and it might give potential cloud users pause to think. If we move to the cloud, are we giving up our rights to free speech in return?

Amazon Introduces “Micro Instances” on EC2 (From CloudPundit) AWS advertises Micro Instances as being ideal for low-traffic web apps and lightweight process, but the use cases might be quite a bit broader. Oh, and  it’s further price pressure on the competition.

ARM Announces Cortex A-15 Eagle Microprocessor (From EE Times) Kudos to Stacey for being on this trend early, because it looks certain to bear fruit now. It’s not surprising to see interest from Dell, which continues to prove that it gets webscale.

HPC Meets Cloud Computing with Dell’s New Server (From PC World) Speaking of Dell getting webscale, here are details on its newest high-density server. The PowerEdge C6105 runs on AMD Opteron 4000 processors and is designed for scale-out environments.

Random Access Compute Capacity (RACC) (From ElasticVapor) I thought about this a lot as cloud computing was catching on a few years ago; it makes even more sense today. The cloud is a collection of distributed resources, so why not do distributed computing?

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