Mobile App Developers, Take Our Survey!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know one of the hottest spaces in mobile and software right now is the mobile app. The explosion of mobile app platforms and storefronts has created a wealth of new opportunities for the entrepreneurial developer.

As you’re also aware, with opportunity comes competition, and app developers must answer a number of key questions in order to prosper in this competitive marketplace:

  • Do I develop for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile or another platform?
  • Should I charge for the app or look to get paid through advertising?
  • What type of app should I make?

Which decisions should an app developer make?  You tell us. If you’re a mobile app developer, please take our survey to help us see where the market is going. Not only will you have a chance at winning a $100 Amazon gift card, but we’ll also share some of the results on in just a few short weeks!

So if you’re a mobile app developer, please take our survey today!


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