Mobile App Developers, Take Our Survey!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know one of the hottest spaces in mobile and software right now is the mobile app. The explosion of mobile app platforms and storefronts has created a wealth of new opportunities for the entrepreneurial developer.

As you’re also aware, with opportunity comes competition, and app developers must answer a number of key questions in order to prosper in this competitive marketplace:

  • Do I develop for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile or another platform?
  • Should I charge for the app or look to get paid through advertising?
  • What type of app should I make?

Which decisions should an app developer make?  You tell us. If you’re a mobile app developer, please take our survey to help us see where the market is going. Not only will you have a chance at winning a $100 Amazon gift card, but we’ll also share some of the results on in just a few short weeks!

So if you’re a mobile app developer, please take our survey today!


MyLocator (tm)

apps will turn out to be fools gold for 99% of developers. best advice is dont go into apps for money go into it for utilty and or leisure. Dont quit your day job. Focus on branding. In a couple years there will 500,000 apps. Already its very easy to get lost in app oblivion. Focus on a web/mobile app hybrid that does not need app store approval or restrictions or TOS changes.

El Marko

I hope there are some questions which assume the presence of the Symbian OS, in this survey.

Nokia owners, like myself, have a hard time with surveys purporting to want to know something about the mobile developer community, but which choose to lump the Symbian OS into the “other platform” category. ‘Seems to me that even IDC recently reported they’ll be hefty use of that OS for the next couple of years.

Symbian ain’t just the most popular smartphone OS in India, GigaOm. . .

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