Kindle Coming to Best Buy This Fall

The e-reader war continues to heat up with Amazon (s amzn) announcing the Kindle and Kindle 3G will be sold in Best Buy (s bby) stores this fall. This has the Kindle joining the Barnes & Noble (s bks) Nook and Sony (s sne) Readers at the electronics retailer. The retail price at Best Buy will be the same for Kindles as Amazon’s online price ($139.99 and $189.99), so the draw is allowing customers to handle the e-reader in the store. Kindles will appear in the stores sometime this fall.

The arrangement with Best Buy comes just a few weeks after a similar agreement was announced between Amazon and Staples (s spls) to sell Kindles in that chain’s stores. This puts the Kindle in thousands of retail outlets in the U.S., as Amazon had inked a deal with Target (s tgt) back in April.

The company may be getting ready for increased retail outlet sales, as today it released an “early preview” of new firmware for the Kindle that eliminates the need for using a computer to register for Kindle service. Kindle owners will be able to buy it in the store, sign up on the device, and start using all features of the shopping and syncing without further action on a computer. This may increase the appeal of the e-reader to consumers not comfortable with complicated technology.

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