Green Overdrive Video: On the Road With Tesla Roadster 2.5!


If you ever need to use this tip, then you’re in the cooler-than-cool club. In the latest episode of our Green Overdrive video show, Tesla’s senior sales advisor Kyrstin Munson shows us how to avoid channeling Britney Spears when getting in and out of a Tesla Roadster 2.5 while wearing a skirt to a Premiere. The Roadster 2.5 is the latest version of Tesla’s Roadster — the first all-electric sports car — and it has an upgraded front end and wheel design, better seats and some higher-end interior features, among other things. We drove around Los Angeles with Munson in the Sports edition of the Roadster 2.5, which can reach 60 mph at a slammin’ speed of 3.7 seconds (0.2 seconds faster than the non-Sport Roadster). OK, I scoffed at that difference, but you can feel it in the acceleration. Happy watching:


Kevin m

SERIOUSLY need to work on your audio adjustments!!! Everyone that the reporter said was MUCH LOUDER than what the Tesla gal would say! IT WAS ANNOYING to have to keep changing volume every time the speaker changed!!!!!!


I had the privilege of driving the Roadster 2.5 in Raleigh, NC a couple of weeks back, amazing vehicle!

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