The Morning Lowdown 09.09.10

»  The New York Times Co. (NYSE: NYT) saw its shares rise as high as 8 percent upon speculation that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim was either looking to buy or raise his stake in the media giant. But the billionaire denies any such plans. [WSJ]

»  Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has consistently been in third place behind Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo Wii. But it believes it can be more competitive thanks to its new controller-free Kinect game technology [AP]

»  The BBC is bracing for deep cuts and is planning on cutting back on its foreign reporting in places like Burma. [Telegraph]

»  Twitter may not go mainstream in the sense that your aunt will be using it, but it is a genuine media form and an increasingly powerful publishing tool. [GigaOm]

»  Taiwan’s Next Media Animation, computer-generated storytelling publishers, is redefining the way tabloid news is presented. (Check out the illustration of the newspaper war between News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). and the NYT.) [Wired]

»  Only a few publishers have complained about Flipboard pulling content without paying for ads, claims the app company’s CEO Mike McCue. [Business Insider]