Jeremy Hunt: Project Canvas Is ‘Incredibly Exciting’


Credit: The DCMS

The UK’s connected-TV joint venture of ISPs and public broadcasters has ministerial seal of approval.

“I’m basically very positive about Canvas,” Jeremy Hunt, the culture, media and sport secretary, told The Media Festival Arts at the Roundhouse on Thursday morning.

“In terms of what I understand, I think it



There’s no business model for Canvas. The content isn’t unique, it’s jst the standard free-to-air PSB stuff. So £300 is a lot to pay for a TiVO box.


Tony Gallagher

Is VOD a viable business model though? I watch what I want when I want. I get to see the best stuff and watch it a few times, then I forward the links to my friends, we comment, have a laugh, discuss, whatever, then we move on. Only the very best stuff however, gets talked about. And, if you take the totality of how much tv material there is, not much of it makes the grade, to be frank. I watch “Peep Show” over and over because its really great. But not much else, is of that quality. My attention is more interested in what my social group are recommending, and talking about, on FaceBook than on any new material coming out on TV.

The new stuff being made has be very good to get my attention. Then you want me to pay for it?

Does this work?

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