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Average Number Of Apps Downloaded To iPhone: 40, Android: 25

The trend of downloading applications to smartphones has only accelerated in the past nine months with users downloading an average of 27 apps to their phone, which is up from 22 in December 2009. According to Nielsen, which conducted a survey among 4,000 mobile subscribers, the iPhone not surprisingly led the pack with users downloading an average of 40 apps. Android came in second with 25 downloads per device, and BlackBerry was in third with an average of 14.

Nielsen also reported some interesting stats about the most popular categories and individual apps. Most popular categories continue to be games and weather across both low-end and high-end devices, however, there is beginning to be shift in behavior as users adopt smartphones with larger screens that can more easily view maps and navigation. Social networking also continues to be extremely popular with Facebook being the most popular individual app across all the major operating systems. Twitter ranks only in the top five on the BlackBerry device, and YouTube doesn’t make it into the top five on either the iPhone or BlackBerry despite its popularity on Android and Windows Mobile.

4 Responses to “Average Number Of Apps Downloaded To iPhone: 40, Android: 25”

  1. Seems weird to me: iPhone and Android I can believe, but BlackBerry with 14 apps *average*?? I use both iPhone and BB — probably downloaded 50 apps for iPhone, but maybe 4 or 5 for BB. The app store for BB is so god-awful that I just use the phone for its core competencies: email, IM etc.

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    Youtube is included on all of the iOS devices as well (and has been since the beginning) so your example doesn’t make any sense. That Youtube is more popular on Android just speaks to the fact that there are less entertainment type apps available because of the Marketplace situation. When I’m on my iPhone I rarely fire up Youtube. I’m too busy playing one of the games I’ve got on there instead. On a side note, I have WAY to many games on my iPhone.

    I think the app download stats have a lot more to do with the availability of the Marketplace over multiple countries. Android’s Marketplace is available in 13 countries total (with purchases available in only 9 of those). The iOS app store is fully functional in 95 countries last time I looked. If you can’t buy or download apps you simply aren’t going to right?

    It’s blatantly obvious why there’s more downloads being made to the iOS devices.

    It should be likewise blatantly obvious why even though Android devices are selling great now developers still typically devote time to the iOS devices first. It doesn’t make financial sense to devote lots of initial resources to a platform you can’t even sell your work on.

  3. Comparing the number of app downloads is a little meaningless. Maybe Android is just more useful out of the box. For example, it comes with a YouTube app, so no one is downloading that. And saying that YouTube is more popular on Android is probably also because the app is included.