Video: HP Mini 5103- Dual-Core Atom Inside


The HP Mini 5103 is the newest member of HP’s (s hpq) netbook product line aimed at the enterprise. The brushed aluminum casing, almost full-sized keyboard and long battery life is much like the previous model, with one notable improvement. HP has switched to an Intel (s intc) Atom N550 dual-core processor to add a needed performance boost to the netbook. The processor bump definitely brings the netbook into the performance realm of regular notebooks, while retaining the long battery life of the Atom processor.

This video shows the Mini 5103 is more than a netbook thanks to the dual-core processor. The performance is good, and the video playback enabled by the Broadcom (s brcm) Crystal HD Video Accelerator is smooth and higher quality than is possible with the previous generation Atom processor alone.

The battery life of the Mini 5103 is over seven hours with the extended battery demonstrated in the video, and the high resolution (1366×768) touch display make this one of the most powerful 10-inch netbooks. The total package is less than 3 pounds, making this a portable workhorse that can tacke any job for the mobile professional.

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Performance may be good, but it still isn’t class-leading. Also, for the price of the high-def screen upgrade, N550 option and other stuff you didn’t mention, you can get an 11″ netbook offering much more.

I think readers might want to check out my review of the HP dm1z before they make a decision on just how good the dual-core Atom really is – the 5103 is not my best recommendation.


James, you ripped off the word ‘video’ from Brian S Hall!

Seriously though, good review. I hope that maybe the number of posts on JKOTR might pick up again? I know times are a changin’ with Gigaom and the work you and Kevin do on Gigaom Pro but don’t forget about us now! ;-)

Tax Man

Great to see another computer review on JKOTR. I’m as mobile as the next guy but I’m not ready to do all my computing on a smartphone! Keep up the great work!


I couldn’t agree more taxman, hopefully there will be many more to come.

James: “It’s beautifully portable”
that is a requirement for my mobile devices, that and speed.
This looks like a pretty good netbook. I’ll be keeping this one in the back of my mind while a shop around for my next laptop.

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