MySpace Adds Social Video Player to User Activity Streams

MySpace (s NWS) is turning its users’ activity streams into instant video playlists, allowing them to embed a video player on their profiles that will play any video shared through their network of friends. The addition comes as the Number 2 social network hopes to increase social viewing and sharing of videos, which could increase user engagement on the site.

The player, powered by Redux, enables users to easily create a video channel in their activity streams. The video player will show a real-time stream of videos based on what a user or his her friends are sharing and what’s trending on MySpace. The player also allows users to share, comment or watch in full-screen “TV mode” video that comes up in the stream. In “TV mode,” the video includes a ticker along the bottom that continues to update the user on what’s happening in his or her activity stream while watching the video.

By bringing together all the video content that a user has uploaded, shared, selected as a favorite or rated from the social network in one place, MySpace hopes to improve content discovery for users, including sharing and viewing videos from MySpace Music artists, while also increasing user engagement and time spent on the site.

We’ve long argued that video wants to be social, a thesis that is being proven out not just by the growth in the number of social TV apps that have come to market over the past several months, but also through the rapid adoption of video on that other social network. In the past year, Facebook has become a major player in online video, with its users viewing more than 2 billion videos per month. No doubt MySpace is hoping that it can emulate some of that success with its own video initiative.

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