ZumoCast Launches App To Make Moving Content Between PCs And Phones Easier

After a month-long beta trial, the ZumoCast application is officially launching today, giving consumers a way to access their personal video and music libraries stored on their computer from an iPad or iPhone. The concept is similar to cloud computing; however, ZumoCast only streams songs or files when they are requested, rather storing everything on a third-party server. Expect ZumoCast’s launch to be just the tip of the iceberg for solutions that are trying to eliminate the difficult and escalating problem of moving content from between stationary devices to phones, netbooks, tablets and other portable electronics. Expect wireless carriers, handset manufacturers and other third-parties, to enter the space with consumers left wondering who they should trust with their storing and accessing their data.

ZumoCast works by installing the application on both your computer (Mac or Windows) and then also on your iPhone or iPad. You must tell the app what files to make available, so that those videos, pictures or documents can be streamed to your mobile device.

In the official version, there’s support for streaming documents and playing your entire iTunes library, including viewing album art. The beta version focused on video streaming, which included real-time transcoding. In addition, ZumoCast allows you to download some of your videos and other files, so they can be viewed even if you are offline. Users can also access their content from any web browser.

ZumoCast’s CEO David Zhao said ZumoCast helps you eliminate the need for connecting the iPad and iPhone to the PC with a cord to sync data from the computer to the device: “The iPad is perfectly suited for enjoying your media library, but it is often difficult to get your music and videos on your device in the first place. ZumoCast not only makes it easy to wirelessly sync all your media with your devices, but it does so without requiring you to upload it to the cloud, which is both time-consuming and costly.