Yahoo Shine Editor Brandon Holley Exits, Returns To Condé Nast


Brandon Holley is leaving Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) after three years to return to the print magazine world as editor-in-chief of Condé Nast’s Lucky. Her official start date is September 20. For the past two years, Holley was the E-i-C and business lead for Yahoo women’s content site Shine.

Holley arrived at Yahoo in Nov. 2007 to begin building up its women-centric content. Back in March, a NYT profile described Holley as loving her job at Shine, but added that she was “wistful” that her new life as “a digital women



Perhaps after the dust settles you can circle back with Ms. Holley and encourage her to share some of her experiences at Shine? I’d be curious what her take was on working with Hearst, Meredith and others in such a unusual way. I’d bet she could write a tell all of what it was like balancing all of the ego’s as they competed for real estate under a single header.

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