Election Season Inspires Fox News’ Paid iPhone App


The period after Labor Day marks the official start of the political season, so Fox News believes it’s the right time to introduce its first paid app that will provide premium politics-related news and opinion for Apple’s iPhone. The app, which isn’t carrying any ads at its launch, is now available in the iTunes for $0.99 alongside free existing apps for the main cable channel, its radio station and the Fox Business network. In an interview with paidContent, Michael Clemente, SVP for news and editorial, said the paid app is mainly tied to the midterm elections, but depending on its popularity, the News Corp (NSDQ: NWS) network could extend the life of the app past this political season. The network is expected to make an announcement later this morning.

For now, the app, dubbed Fox News



How about an app for Conservatives…..who are smart enough to buy and use an Android device? C’mon Fox….the Iphone is old news now!


HAHAHAHAHAAAHHAHA! Too funny. Jobs is just now waking from his denial that my Droids are going to rule the galaxy. After his Flash rant, 3rd party app developers should leave him twisting in the wind. Come on Steve, get the fanboys together for the chant: “Flash is evil! Flash is lame!” AhhhHAHAHAHAAHHHAHAHHHAHA!
Droids rule!

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