Video: Interview with Catfish‘s Directors and Star


Two guys start filming their friend/younger brother as he enters into an online relationship with a young artist and her family — that’s the genesis of the documentary Catfish, which enters wide release on Sept. 17. Given that the movie is mostly shot with handheld digital cameras, when I got the chance to interview “star” Nev Schulman and directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, it made sense to bring along my own Flip cam.

Tagged as “the other Facebook movie,” Catfish is hard to explain but hard to forget, and the twist the film takes makes it hard to discuss it without actually seeing it. In keeping with that trends, in this interview we don’t talk a lot about what the film’s actually about. However, we do discuss the technology that made the film possible, especially the way in which digital storage affected their filmmaking, and why people don’t believe the film’s events really took place.

By the way, if you’re in San Francisco, you can check out a free screening with the NewTeeVee and GigaOM team this Thursday night — just RSVP at Universal’s site.

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Loren Visser

So I got to watch Catfish on Monday and it was awesome! I really enjoyed it! For all those that engage in social media, this movie is for you!!

Loren Visser

Catfish looks great! I’m seeing it on Monday in Toronto and am so excited. Apparently it’s generating a lot of buzz here at TIFF even though it’s not part of the festival.

Sally Ann

Hey Liz!!! I’m happy I found this because I can’t stop wanting to watch this movie!!! It was nice to hear the guys talk about their project and stuff and now I want to watch it even more! I only wish I was in San Francisco so I could go to the advance screening. :(

For now though I guess I’ll have to stick with the trailer…..which I’ve watched like, 20 times….

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