Samsung Characterizes Demand For Windows As ‘Specialized,’ ‘Professional’

Samsung Unveils Galaxy S at CTIA 2010

Samsung has prioritized the long list operating systems in the mobile space, and Google’s Android makes the top of the list. Next in line — if not a tie for second — is its own new bada software, according to YH Lee, Samsung’s Mobile head of marketing, who chatted with Reuters at the IFA consumer electronics fair.

Samsung has previously said that one-third of its smartphones will eventually run its home-grown bada platform, but in the meantime, it is focusing on Android, which has had some success in the U.S. with the recent launches of the Galaxy S. “We are Prioritizing our Android platform. Android is very open and flexible, and there is a consumer demand for it,” she said.

The executive was quick to share her opinions about the other major platforms. When it came to Microsoft’s upcoming release of Windows Phone 7, she characterized it as having “some professional, specialized demand there.” The company plans a phone running Windows Phone later this year.

YH Lee was less optimistic about Symbian, which was once used by multiple handset makers, but increasing is a focus for only Nokia (NYSE: NOK). Samsung has not introduced a Symbian phone this year, and it doesn’t have plans to introduce one later this year, unless consumers demand them. “We are not seeing visible demand for Symbian,” she said.

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