Poll: What Set-Top Box Are You Buying?


Any launch of a new set-top box gets people wondering if it’s right for them, and now that Apple TV is no longer a “hobby” for Apple (s AAPL), but a new and tiny solution for streaming digital media to your TV, users will consider it one of many options for streaming video to the

Ryan’s comparison of Apple TV to Roku and Boxee shows just how competitive the market currently is, especially since a hundred-dollar box isn’t the only way to get content on your TV. That’s why we want to know if you’re planning on finding a place for Apple TV in your home entertainment system — or if you’re happy with another solution.

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cord cutter

I hook up my 13″ macbook pro via vga cable to my 40″ sony. This allows me to watch any streaming service (hulu, netflix) plus any otherwise obtained video in up to 1080p 60fps. It is really not that much trouble: plug in vga, plug in audio, sit back and relax. With Free Mouse app on my iphone I can control the mouse using my iphone as a trackpad.

No cable bill, haven’t even bothered to set up my antenna for broadcast tv. My macbook pro and a 12 Mbps uverse connection are all I need.

Benjamin Woodruff

I’ve been using a refurb Apple TV (which cost me about $180) with Boxee running on it for several months now. I will keep my current setup until it breaks or otherwise stops working.

I would like to know if/when Boxee will have an upload for the new Apple TV, so that I can recommend it to my friends. As is, the new one seems okay, but I actually enjoy finding and purchasing new and old – sometimes very old – movies on my Apple TV. I would not miss the syncing though, which currently takes forever and a day, every time I open iTunes.

Btw your first paragraph is not grammatically complete :-P

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